The iPhone 6 is reportedly already in production, which is one major reason why we're seeing so many leaked components recently. Now we're seeing one of the first looks at the alleged final rear panel of the iPhone 6, which does indeed look almost finished. Sure, we're seen earlier leaks of the part in the past, but this one is different.

This isn't a model, at least according to the video, and is apparently a near-final version of the gold back panel for the iPhone 6. Unlike earlier leaks, this one has the Apple logo embedded in it, though it's still missing some other key information, like the "iPhone" stamp that usually appears on the lower back side of the iPhone, in addition to information like "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China." That may come later, however, when Apple adds the FCC stamp that also exists on most iPhone units.

iCrackUrDevice, which published the video, points to the more circular flash module, which we've seen before. The cut-out for the Apple logo is likely in an effort to make the device more antenna-friendly. Most of the other aspects of the module line up with the dimensions that we saw on the dummy unit we already have in our office.

Check out the full video below: