iPhone 6 dummy units aren’t too hard to come across if you know where to look, we even have one in the office that we’ve used to show you how the new iPhone 6 may measure up against current flagship smartphones like the HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5. But how accurate is that model? Well, Jimmy Lin, the 39-year old Taiwanese race car driver, singer and actor recently published several photos of himself to Weibo with what he seems to be claiming is the real deal.

Obviously Apple would have a fit if this is an actual iPhone 6, so we’re not sure where Lin might have picked one up if it’s more than just a dummy. He says it does indeed pack the expected 4.7-inch screen and notes that the “power shifted to the right,” that the antenna is coated on the outside of the phone. “Larger screen, good grip,” he said while contradicting himself saying it’s “slippery.”

The phone in question looks almost identical to the dummy unit we have in our Irvine office, though looks more polished around the edges, has the Apple logo on the back and more realistic up front. We’re going to be shocked if Jonny Ive actually releases an iPhone 6 with those ugly antenna bands, so here’s hoping this is just another plastic unit created from leaked schematics. That said, Lin did appear to have a real iPhone 5c before that phone was launched, so it’s not out of the question that this could be the real deal.

Compare the photos in the gallery above to those below, which is a series of pictures we took of our own dummy unit. What do you think?