With an iPhone 6 announcement expected this September, parts are starting to leak with much greater frequency. Just this week we’ve seen a final rear shell, along with some internals. Today, an image of a purported LCD frame has popped up, complete with metal shielding and a bracket that goes over the device’s home button.

Really, there’s not all that much here, though it’s alleged to be for the 4.7-inch model. It looks as you’d expect a frame for the iPhone to look: rounded corners, thin build, etc. We’ve seen parts popup in the past that indicate Apple is going in a different direction this fall, including a dummy unit that gives us a great idea of the device’s rumored design.

This week, we also saw a supposed sapphire crystal front panel, and it looked nearly indestructible. That part would go over the front portion of this LCD frame, where the metal housing would then separate it from the specs underneath. That rear shell we’ve seen so much of, meanwhile, would complete the device, creating what could be an iPad mini-like design.