Japanese Apple Fan (1)

Japanese Apple fan and blogger Yoppy was heartbroken after failing to become the first person in Japan to score an iPhone 5. It had been his dream to walk away with the new model in-hand before anyone else, but after showing up one day before the release, and seeing a crowd of fellow tech enthusiasts who had been waiting for quite some time, his dream had been shattered.

With vengeance, and the assumption that the iPhone 6 will be released in September, he has already lined up in front of the Ginza Apple store to patiently await the phone.

After a subway trip from Shibuya to Ginza, he plopped himself right down on the concrete and even wrote a sign pronouncing himself to be the first person in the world to line up for the iPhone 6.

However, his dream was short lived. The thrill of being on line for seven months quickly wore off, and the fact that he was unaware of exactly how much time he would be waiting began to sit on his mind. He entered the Apple store to ask a sales associate for an exact release date of the iPhone 6, and the answer he got wasn’t what he had been hoping for.

Japanese Apple Fan (2)

“The release date isn’t set yet,” the sales associate bluntly informed him. “Actually, that product hasn’t even been announced yet, and we don’t know when, or if, it will.”

The sales associate is correct. As of now, the iPhone 6 is just a hypothetical idea we’ve all been tossing around, assuming it is going to happen based on the success of the previous models over the last five years. Apple doesn’t have anything official to say on the phone, and with that, Yoppy decided that waiting would be best left for another day.

Japanese Apple Fan (3)

He went back home, and while he technically is the first person to sit in line for the iPhone 6, he has given up his spot in line. Now he must sit around waiting, and hoping to be the first person to line up another day.,