Yesterday we published images of an alleged iPhone 6 dummy unit that was created for case and accessory design. Today, yet another — though admittedly more convincing — dummy unit has surfaced. It was originally published on a site named 86Digi, which says the design was crafted using the leaked 4.7-inch iPhone 6 schematics. If that’s true — and we’re not saying it is — then this is what the iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display will look like.

As you’ll note in the photos and video, the dummy unit has a thinner design, measuring just 6mm thick, and has more rounded edges that reflects Apple’s iPad Air and iPad mini design language. The thinner body and smoother edges will be key, if this is indeed the real deal, because the 4.7-inch display is going to be slightly harder to hold and use with a single hand if it’s too bulky, something iPhone owners are still very much used to.

86Digi points to some of the design changes, like a 3-stage aluminum design, and the antennas that appear to be running just below the camera and above the bottom of the phone — not much different from where they are today. The “3 stage aluminum,” however, suggests that Apple will use three slates of aluminum on the back panel, instead of just one as it does on the iPhone 5s.

Again, we don’t know the legitimacy of these photos, though the design does seem at least plausible.