Usually we start to see iPhone parts leak out before the release, like the SIM tray, camera modules, new mainboards and the front and back panels. This year things are taking a bit of a different turn, however, with the alleged schematics for the device already leaked to accessory makers. As such, we’re being treated to tons of photos of dummy photos of the iPhone 6. If the schematics are correct, then we’re looking at pretty much what the iPhone 6 will look like. If not, then it’s still up in the air.

Yesterday we saw some photos of a black iPhone 6 dummy, and today 9to5Mac published two photos showing the device with white and black front panels, and with gold, silver and space gray back panels. As the site notes, we’re not quite sure why everyone is adding gold rings around the home button, where the Touch ID will likely sit. While it looks pretty cool, it doesn’t line up with the color schemes Apple chose for the iPhone 5s and seems rather unlikely.

Also, you’ll notice the camera cutouts are way, way too close to the top of the phone, but that just seems like error in building the dummies. The colors might give us a look at what the iPhone 6 will look like if Apple chooses to continue with the space gray, silver and gold options. It might do so, but we don’t know that yet. Again, these are built by people with the schematics, and not by Apple’s production line with the materials Apple will use.

We’re not really liking what we see here – the antenna bands floating around the back look way too intrusive and ugly – we doubt this would meet Jony Ive’s standards. Still, we are looking forward to seeing a 4.7-inch iPhone. One rumor today said we might see it as soon as August.