Either this is another rumor from another source without any real knowledge of Apple’s inside plans, or several insiders are telling the truth to multiple sources. Today, South China Morning Post received a tip from sources who said that they’ve actually seen prototypes of Apple’s new iPhone 6, and what they have to say about it lines up with what we’ve heard whispered before.

Primarily, Apple will reportedly launch two versions of the iPhone 6, including one with a 5.5-inch screen to help the company tackle competitors with larger-screened phablet devices, and a new 4.7-inch iPhone for everyone else. We’ve heard that before, though this is the first time someone claims they’ve actually seen prototypes.

“They have to tackle the phablet market,” the source said. “People want bigger screens now.” If Apple takes the same path that it has every year since the first iPhone launch, we can expect to see at least one of the existing models stick around for anyone who still desires a smaller screen.

We know that Apple is already working to mass produce sapphire in Arizona – its plans are public knowledge at this point – though we don’t definitively know why yet. Some rumors suggest that the cost will limit Apple’s use of sapphire to smaller screens, like those for its rumored iWatch. However, the sources speaking to South China Morning Post said that Apple is going to use sapphire on the iPhone 6, which means the screen should be super resistant to scratches, as we saw in one video demonstration recently.

One aspect of the report also sticks out. Not too long ago sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal said Apple was going to ditch the iPhone 5c because of poor sales. The sources who revealed information to the South China Morning post reiterated that point, but said that the iPhone 5s will stick around but will “be made from cheaper material.” That seems weird, since Apple would essentially need to create a whole new device to eliminate the aluminum design used on the iPhone 5s… essentially recreating what we have with the iPhone 5c.

Apple can still make changes for two more months, the sources said, until a “freeze” date that Apple has in place for sometime in April, when it will apparently move forward with the final designs.