Apple recently filed for a patent that describes a smartphone with a full wrap-around display. As a result, artists around the world have created concept pieces imagining what such a phone might look like. The latest video, embedded above, considers what the iPhone 6 would look like if it employed contoured screen technology in addition to a 3D camera.

3D cameras on smartphones have largely been a flop, so we don’t see Apple following the trend in the near future, but we did enjoy the video. It was crafted by Ran Avni and shows an iPhone without any bezels and with more rounded edges. The screen doesn’t flow over the sides of the device, as Apple’s patent suggests, but instead contours around the user’s face like the Nexus S did.

Again, this is simply a concept and was created by an artist. While an iPhone 6 is certainly in Apple’s pipeline, we’ll very likely be treated to an iPhone 5S later this fall with a similar hardware design to the current generation iPhone. Check out a gallery of the concept below.