Apple recently filed for a patent that describes a mobile device with a display that extends over the sides of the phone, essentially creating a "wraparound" screen. The company will likely first introduce an iPhone 5S with the same body as the iPhone 5, but the design of the iPhone 6 remains up in the air. What will it look like? Will Apple ever really use a wraparound display? Those are questions that only a few employees in Cupertino probably know the answer to. That's not stopping enthusiasts from creating mock-ups, however.

T3 recently published a video that conceptualizes what an iPhone with a full wraparound screen might look like. The display in the mock-up extends fully around the phone so that there's a touchscreen on both the front, the side and the back of the device. T3 imagines that the side screen could be used as a volume control and that the entire screen would have an insane 1615 x 1800-pixel resolution.

The video is definitely fun to watch, but remember this is just a concept created by a site that wants to imagine what such a device might look like.