Can’t get enough iPhone 6 renders? Good, because we have plenty more where that came from thanks to the mind of Martin Hajek. Only, In addition to showing off a more iPad mini-like design, complete with a beautiful bezel-less display, this model has no home button whatsoever. Kind of crazy considering all the resources Apple put into Touch ID. But it doesn’t look half bad, and with the absence of any home button, Apple would be able to increase the screen size without making the phone itself bigger.

As you can see in the renders, this proposed iPhone 6 looks like a cross between the iPad mini and iPhone 5s, using a single piece of aluminum (with the thinner volume rocker buttons) that wraps around the sides. But instead of accommodating the bigger screen size by making the phone itself larger, Hajek eliminates the home button, basically stretching the screen out over the real estate of current Apple devices. It’s a little wider, but essentially the same height. Think of it as an iPod touch… phone thing.

This is just a concept, and probably too good to ever exist, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t fawn over it. Hajek worked out a similar concept early last year, showing off a taller, wider screen without turning the iPhone into a phablet. It seems like something Apple would do, especially considering how concerned the company’s executives have been with usability. While it’s unlikely Apple will ditch the home button anytime soon, seeing as Touch ID is a staple feature, the iPhone would sure look good without it.