A recent report out of Japan claimed the iPhone 6 could feature a metal design with curved edges, offering a sort of a design hybrid of the iPhone 5s and 5c. Now just a day later 3D rendering master Martin Hajek is offering up a handful of stunning concept designs based on the latest iPhone 6 rumors.

It’s amazing to see the latest iPhone 6 design rumors visualized so flawlessly. The subtle curve Hajek imagines creates a bezel-free display as the screen softly slopes around the sides. The curved corners also look great, though we’re not as crazy about the idea that the bottom and top of the new smartphone could be thicker than the middle section. Hajek also shows us the iPhone 5s for comparison, suggesting that the iPhone 6 could be thinner and taller without adding any noticeable width.

It’s important to remember that these are just 3D renders based on unconfirmed rumors — just a work of art — so don’t get too attached to this design for the iPhone 6. We’re pretty certain Apple’s next smartphone will offer a bigger screen and an updated operating system, though beyond that it’s still too early to know anything for sure. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the next iPhone in the near future, but until then we’re pretty happy just staring at the latest concept design from Martin Hajek.