Well this is weird. It’s relatively common for case makers to start advertising cases for a new iPhone, but I can’t remember a single time that a carrier has publicly announced plans to sell a device before it’s official. China Telecom recently took to its Weibo page, a Chinese social network, to advertise that it will soon sell an unlocked iPhone 6 that supports all of the wireless networks in China.


According to ZDNET, which spotted the posting, China Telecom’s iPhone 6 will offer support for a huge array of networks in China including TDD-LTE, FDD, LTE, WCDMA, CDMA2000, GSM and CDMA1X. Maybe those antenna bands are starting to make a bit more sense. As 9to5Mac notes, this device doesn’t look quite like the other leaks. For one, the protruding camera ring is gone, and the antenna bands we’ve gawked at in the past look much more flush with the design. Also of note are the black, silver and gold color options, which is what we’re expecting.


Did China Telecom create its own render for the ad, or is this the real deal? We don’t know and, unfortunately, we might not find out until Apple reveals the phone on September 9. The carrier has since pulled the posts from Weibo, but not before ZDNET was able to capture the screenshots you see above.

Update: As some commenters have graciously pointed out, China Telecom used concept renders from Behance that we had not seen before. Still big news on those wireless bands and a confirmation from a carrier.

Oh, by the way, here’s what we thought the iPhone 6 was going to look like: