We’re pretty sure the design of the iPhone 6 will look like this—and this. But in case you needed even more confirmation, pictures of a supposed mold of Apple’s upcoming handset have hit the Web, further confirming the device’s rumored design. It has more rounded edges, slimmer (and separated) volume buttons, a sleep/wake button on the side, and speaker cutouts similar to Apple’s iPhone 5c, just as we’ve been hearing.

The particular mold is reportedly being used by case manufacturers ahead of the iPhone 6’s release. It doesn’t reveal anything that we don’t already know, but it further corroborates the many reports we’ve heard over the past few months. We actually have our own dummy unit in the office, and it’s essentially what you’re seeing above.

Many of the most recent iPhone 6 reports have focused on Apple’s supposed 4.7-inch model, though the company is also expected to unveil a 5.5-inch model later on this year. That would be a pretty dramatic jump up from Apple’s existing flagship, which sports a 4-inch display. Even though we’re not 100-percent sure the dummy unit in our possession is Apple’s preferred design, we’re confident it’s close, and this alleged aluminum mold is even more evidence of that.

We don’t expect Apple to announce its next flagship until September at the earliest, so we’ll probably see plenty more leaks before then. In the meantime, admire the supposed design below. Even though it’s just a dummy unit, it gives us a pretty solid idea of what to expect later this year.