Benchmarks for Apple’s iPhone 6 have popped up via Basemark X, and the score suggests the device isn’t that big of a jump over last year’s iPhone 5s. Apple devices have never been about raw power and instead focus on the optimization of software and hardware. But this year’s model, which sports a 1.4GHz A8 chip, shows that the jump is almost negligible.

Not that that even matters to iPhone fans.

The iPhone 6, which has an unlisted GPU, received a score of 21204.26 according to the alleged benchmarks, while last year’s iPhone 5s got a score of 20253.80. Again, not that big of a difference, but that doesn’t mean in any way that the new device will be slow. You can bet that Apple has done plenty of testing to ensure its new flagship is quick and smooth, and the same goes for its iPhone 6 Plus. For comparison’s sake, the Galaxy S5 scores 23,501, though Android makers have been known to flub benchmark scores in the past.

Apple’s new iPhones are set to come out on Friday, so we’ll see whether or not this benchmark score reflects in the device’s actual performance. On Apple’s site, the company displays some graphs that claim a significant boost in both CPU and GPU performance over the company’s A7 chip, so who knows. Best wait to make any judgement calls until the device is actually on the market.


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