An alleged iPhone 6 backlight panel has leaked out, via Weibo, again reaffirming the device’s increased screen size to 4.7-inches. There’s no way of confirming whether or not this is indeed an official part being used in Apple’s device, though it does bear a resemblance to the company’s iPhone 5s LCD backlight. As MacRumors notes, however, there is a slight difference in relation to the position of the connection, and the pins also have a different design.

We’ve seen what might be the final design of the iPhone 6 on numerous occasions, though very few parts have leaked up to this point. Everything so far has been based on leaked schematics, which show off more rounded edges, a larger screen, and a sleep/wake button moved to the handset’s right side, right where your thumb would rest. So far we’ve seen a supposed battery, mold and front panel hit the Web, but little else.

It has almost become a time-honored tradition for iPhone parts to leak out ahead of the next iteration’s release, and I imagine we’ll see more leaks as we get closer to September. Apple has the WWDC event in early June, though the company isn’t expected to announce the device until this fall, keeping to its preferred September/October timeframe. With possible backlight panels and other parts floating around, it would seem manufacturing is underway, giving Apple enough time for a launch in just a few months.

If you haven’t seen what the iPhone 6 might look like—it’s impossible to avoid—you can check out a dummy unit in our hands-on video (below).