This could very well be our first look at Apple’s upcoming iPhone. It’s not much to go on, but the images do suggest Apple might use a single piece of unibody aluminum, as we’ve seen in the company’s other popular mobile gadgets (iPod touch, iPad Air, iPad mini). If true, the iPhone will likely feature an incredibly thin and durable body that ditches glass on the back, with rounded off corners and edges instead of the flat ring of metal. We can only imagine how nice it’ll feel in the hand.

We’ve heard numerous reports that Apple is prepping two different iPhone sizes, one to compete in the phablet space and one for folks who prefer a more manageable size. Even though it’s difficult to determine whether or not this is an actual iPhone shell or not, the teaser images were provided by Sonny Dickson, who has quickly become a reputable source. Last year, Dickson provided extensive looks at the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s long before they were announced. Dickson seems to purposely keep the images vague, hinting that a more in-depth look is on the way. Still, we get enough of a glimpse that we can determine a few of the next iPhone’s features.

For starters, it’s clear Apple will keep the dual-LED flash orientation, introduced in the iPhone 5s, and instead of keeping the circular volume buttons, it appears the cutouts are for something more elongated. While this may seem a little early, shells for last year’s iPhones seemed to float around the different overseas factories for quite awhile, so you never know. Hopefully we’ll get a clearer look as the week goes on.

Update: 9to5Mac has posted more images of the alleged iPhone 6—the gold model no less—giving us a detailed look at Apple’s upcoming design. The handset essentially looks like an iPod touch, with all of the iPhone’s latest tech included, such as Touch ID, and a display that has virtually no bezel. If this is indeed the final design, or even a prototype, we definitely like the direction Apple is headed.