Apple Store Inside

Much of what we're expecting at Apple's iPhone 6 event we already think we know, but that doesn't mean Apple isn't doubling down on security ahead of its Sept. 9 event. Folks involved at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts say security is extremely tight; Apple is supposedly covering phone cameras of construction and catering staff with tamper-proof tape, which changes colors if removal is attempted.

"If it changes color, we'll be fired on the spot," said an anonymous source from Apple's iPhone 6 announcement site. "We were told that we should erase anything embarrassing from our phones because security will be going through them with a fine-tooth comb."

Apple's secrets are always tightly guarded, but the company's event tomorrow promises to be its biggest ever, and may include two new larger iPhones, an iWatch and new iPads. The iWatch is expected to be Apple's first crack at the wearable market, though we haven't seen much of the actual device leak out; sure we've heard second-hand information, but we haven't seen any physical parts like we have the iPhone.

"We are not allowed to wander around," the source told CultofMac. "There are no communications in or out. Everyone thinks Apple is tapping our phones and monitoring what we say. Everyone is super paranoid."

So drive fear into the people and they'll submit to your rule. That's one way to keep a secret.

Less than a day to go until we know what all the fuss is about.