Recent reports suggested that Apple has plans to release the iPhone 6 and possibly the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 at the same time. According to a separate rumor, Apple is planning to launch the devices on September 19, and that matches a date provided once by Deutsche Telekom. It also falls on a Friday, which is when Apple typically releases its new iPhones.

Now, however, a fresh report out of China suggests Apple may be switching things up a bit, but we’re not sure why. said it has learned from internal sources that Apple is actually going to launch the iPhone on September 25, a Thursday. The news outlet doesn’t provide any context on why Apple may launch on a Thursday instead of a Friday. It also says that the larger 5.5-inch iPhone will be officially dubbed the iPhone Air, and that Apple will sell a 16GB model for 5998 yuan. That goes against some earlier reports that have suggested Apple will move away from the 16GB storage option on its iPhones. The iPhone 6 will still cost 5288 yuan in China, the news outlet said. While the report seems suspicious, GforGames said that the Chinese media in general is confident that Apple is going to announce the device on September 15 and sell it on September 25.

Right now it seems pretty likely Apple is going to launch at least one new iPhone in September. Whether it happens on the 19th, the 25th, or some other date entirely, is still up for debate until we hear news right from Apple’s mouth.