Apple just launched its iPhone 6 product video, which features the company’s lead designer Jony Ive and discusses the product in full. “Developing an iPhone with a larger and more advanced display launched one of the most significant design and engineering efforts since we introduced the original product,” Ive says.

The phone is taller and wider, but also thinner, than the iPhone devices that came before it. Ive also covers the iPhone 6 Plus and its 5.5-inch display, which has the same surfaces and materials as the iPhone 6. Ive said Apple created the phones in tandem with iOS 8 and that the phone enhances the iOS experience. The screen runs over the sides of the phone for a smoother feel as you swipe across it.

The clips says Apple held off on creating an iPhone with a larger display until it was able to develop one that was “great.” It promises better viewing angles, deeper blacks, improved pixel alignment and more. Also, the A8 chip offers second-gen 64-bit desktop-class technology, improved power management features and more. The new M8 motion co-processor also can measure elevation using a barometer.

Check out the video to see all of the other areas Apple has improved hardware on both iPhone units.