iPhone 6 Martin Hajek 017

We’re still settling into 2014, but rumors surrounding two of the year’s biggest smartphones are already coming hard and fast. A new report from The Korea Herald claims both Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Apple’s next iPhone will share one key feature: bezel-free edges.

According to The Herald’s industry sources, Samsung’s upcoming flagship handset will offer an edge-to-edge display while also dispensing with the physical home button to increase its screen real estate. Finally, the Galaxy S5 will apparently feature fingerprint sensors built into the bottom corners of its display, similar to Apple’s Touch ID as well as technology built into the HTC One Max and a few older smartphones

Meanwhile, Apple may be testing a similar edge-to-edge display for the iPhone 6. The upcoming handset is expected to offer a bigger screen than its 4-inch predecessor, and removing the bezels could allow for a larger display without increasing the phone’s physical size too much. According to The Korea Herald, Apple may also ditch its home button for a display with a built-in fingerprint sensor.

Samsung is expected to unveil its new flagship later this month at Mobile World Congress, where we hope to get a good look at the device’s bezels (or lack thereof). It could be much longer before we see Apple’s next smartphone though, since the company typically launches its new iPhones in September.