We’ve already seen some convincing iPhone 6 concepts that show us what larger iPhones with more rounded edges might look like, but what about in real life? What would a larger iPhone 6 look like in the hand, for example?

A user on a Chinese forum recently published images of what’s said to be a prototype reference design that was built for designing new accessories. The prototype is based on recent leaks but were not created by Apple or anyone in the Apple supply chain, so its legitimacy is a big question. Still – Chinese case makers have received leaked dimensions in the past, so it’s not out of the question that the schematics we’ve already seen aren’t far off from what Apple might be planning.

Nowhereelse.fr, which published the photos, said that the dimensions of the object weren’t provided by the model makers. However, the device is said to show what an iPhone 6 with a larger and thinner body and more rounded edges might look like. Apple is also reportedly planning a 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6, though that device is currently rumored to launch closer to the end of this year, instead of sometime during the fall.

To us, one image of the phone suggests it’s far bigger than 4.7-inches. Notice, for example, how the end of the device stretches far beyond the palm of the user’s hand. Either this prototype is massive, or the person in the photo has small hands. Again – no word on how legitimate these images are, but if they’re based on real schematics then we may be looking at something close to what Apple has planned.