The iPhone 6 is purely a rumored device at this point. Sure, Apple is likely to announce the device at some point in the future, likely in 2014 after it has launched the iPhone 5S, but we still have no idea what to expect from the phone.

Still, that’s not stopping the creative elite among us from imagining what such a phone might look like. Martin Hajek recently took to the drawing pad to conceptualize the iPhone 6 with a large 4.8-inch screen, which fits in with rumors that Apple has a larger device up its sleeves, and without a physical home button.

The home button has been a staple on every single iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so we find it a bit hard to believe that Apple will gravitate away from such a familiar tool, but it’s entirely possible. The concept itself reminds us a bit of the Galaxy S III paired with the HTC One. The designer kept Apple’s clean beveled edges, which appear on both the One and the iPhone 5, and rounded out the corners. Size-wise, it’s not much larger than the iPhone 5 because the screen takes up the real-estate where the current speaker grill and home button exist.

We’re impressed by the mock-up, but remember that that’s exactly what this is: an artistic rendition.