We’ve seen quite a few pictures revealing the iPhone 6’s alleged curved screen, and now we’re getting a more in-depth look at just how strong that screen will be. Fitted with sapphire crystal, MKBHD shows off what he says is a part straight off Apple’s assembly line—and man does it get us excited for Apple’s next device. Sure, it looks pretty much the same as current iPhones—just bigger—but if it’s as indestructible as this video suggests, Apple fans will have a pretty big reason to upgrade this fall.

There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding Apple’s use of sapphire, with reports saying only the 5.5-inch model would use the stronger material. But given previous leaks, and today’s video, it appears Apple will indeed use sapphire in both of its iPhones this fall (and probably in the iWatch, too).

Apple has previously used sapphire crystal for the home button and camera lens in the iPhone 5s, but this would bring it to new levels. If indeed the part Marques shows on video is sapphire, we’re hopeful the iPhone 6 will be pretty much impervious to everyday wear and tear. And, for those clumsier bunch of you, it might even be able to withstand drops, which has been the bane of every smartphone owner’s existence for years now.

In an effort to test just how durable the suppose 4.7-inch iPhone 6 panel is, Marques puts it through a serious of gruesome tests, first by stabbing it with a knife, and then with a set of keys. He goes at it pretty hard, too—harder than your average phone would see on a daily basis—and the panel is essentially left unscathed. Even the sharp knife is no match for the sapphire crystal, inflicting zero damage. It’s incredibly impressive. Say good-bye to screen protectors once and for all.

At one point, Marques concedes that there’s no way he could break the display on his own, even with intense pressure. In the video, he begins to bend the front panel—like, really bend it—and it withstands the stress without a problem.

“It’s almost impossible to scratch this screen with any regular use,” Marques says.

That, coupled with a more uniform aluminum design, bodes pretty well for Apple fans. We pretty much already know what the device will look like, and it appears as though it’ll also be the most durable iPhone we’ve ever seen. That’s a far cry from what we used to see with the iPhone 4/4S.