Save for the iPhone 5c last year, Apple typically sells its new iPhones inside of boxes. But what will the iPhone 6 look like when it hits retail stores this fall? We don’t know yet, but the ever-creative Martin Hajek has a new gallery of renders that imagines one instance. He takes his cue from the iPhone 5c and imagines the iPhone 6 in a plastic box, giving shoppers a quick glance at exactly what they’re getting inside.

The store-shelf footprint appears to be relatively small – the iPhone 6 sits snugly inside of its plastic box that has a bit of depth. Shoppers looking for a white iPhone 6 can see what it looks like right there, next to the black iPhone 6. Hajek even goes so far as to conceptualize how the Earpods and charger will be packaged right inside the box, and adds details like the Apple logo and all of the SKU information on the back of the box.

Hajek doesn’t stop there of course. He goes on to show how he imagines Apple will present the iPhone 6 in store, complete with an iPad below it to show information on the device (not uncommon). Funny enough, he even tosses in a pair of Beats headphones, though with a glowing Apple logo on the side. We highly doubt that will ever happen, but there you have it: here’s how one person imagines Apple bringing its new flagship to market. Think he’s close or too far off?