Rumors have suggested that Apple is going to introduce a new 4-inch iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5se, a new Apple Watch update (and several bands) and an iPad Air 3 sometime in March.

Until now, we weren’t quite sure when in March that might happen.

9to5Mac said Tuesday morning that Apple has been considering March 15 as the event date. However, the site warns that Apple is still tossing around the idea of just announcing the devices online, instead of at a big press event, which sort of suggests that the products might not be as “big” of an announcement as we’ve been expecting. After all, if there are major updates in store, Apple is going to want to show them off.

Still, 9to5Mac suggests that Apple will indeed pack the iPad Air 3 with big enhancements, like a Smart Connector for a new keyboard, a possible rear LED flash and surround sound speakers, all offered with the iPad Pro.

Apple has not yet officially announced any intention to host an event, but we’ll let you know if that changes.