Thanks to the iPhone 5s's new Touch ID system, it's now easier than ever to unlock your device. If you rely on passcodes, or simply find iOS's "slide to unlock" to be an unnecessary barrier, Apple's new fingerprint scanning technology will be hugely convenient. And that's good—anything that makes your device even easier to use without being overly complicated is a plus.

When Touch ID was announced, it was met with plenty of skepticism and doubt. Will Apple save your fingerprints? Can someone replicate your print and steal your information? Will a thief cut off my finger? No on all accounts. Apple made it a priority to mention that fingerprints are only stored in a "secure enclave" on the iPhone 5s's A7 chip, meaning it won't go anywhere near the cloud or Apple servers. Meanwhile, the technology is actually capable of reading your finger's live tissue, so anything on paper (or a finger that's been cut off) will not work.

The feature is mainly for convenience, but it has to work, too—and well. So far, we've found it to be 99 percent accurate, and an incredibly natural addition to Apple's ecosystem. The great thing about Touch ID is that it's right there inside the home button, so it'll be easy and familiar—you won't have to reach elsewhere just to make it work. In addition, the technology is capable of reading multiple fingerprints, and it'll even improve over time to ensure the best possible accuracy.

Setting the iPhone 5s's fingerprint scanner is a cinch, and you can always turn it off if you prefer more traditional methods. Not sure how to set everything up? We've recorded the setup process for you, and even what the system is like in action. Check out the video to see what Touch ID is like up close and personal, and stay tuned for more iPhone 5s coverage.