iphone-5Apple's iPhone 5S will break a new mold in Apple's smartphone lineup, sporting an array of different colors (similar to its new iPod touch) and a new "super HD camera/screen." According to Peter Misek, Jefferies & Company analyst, Apple isn't looking to merely introduce a small iterations to its next handset; the company wants to make a loud statement to competitors — and it may do so as soon as June of next year.

In addition to an upgraded screen, camera and multiple colors, Apple will also introduce a version that could come equipped with up to 128GB of internal storage, which would be a first in its iPhone lineup. And for all the stock Apple has put into Passbook, Misek believes the company is going to include NFC in the iPhone 5S, along with a better battery, though that's to be expected.

As a disclaimer, Misek's most recent Apple prediction (that the Apple TV would launch by the end of 2012) hasn't exactly panned out, so it's prudent to take this note with a huge helping of salt. However, Misek did nail his iPhone 4S predictions.

Be that as it may, the reported upgrades aren't out of the realm of possibility, though we would've expected only a minor upgrade to the 5S, with the bigger reported specs to be included in the iPhone 6.

BusinessInsider suggests that Apple wants to speed up next year's iPhone release cycle because of dipping sales. "Apple wants to avoid loading all its sales into one half of the year," BusinessInsider said. "By accelerating its product release it can avoid this problem."