Foxconn is reportedly ramping up its hiring efforts in Zhengzhou, China ahead of plans to start iPhone 5S production. It's common for the firm to make such a move as it needs extra help in the assembly process building enough units to meet launch demand. The new employees will be tasked with building existing iPhone models as well as the iPhone 5S, Bloomberg said.

"We have been very busy recently as we will start mass-producing the new iPhone soon," a Foxconn executive told The Wall Street Journal.

The factory in Zhengzhou employees anywhere between 250,000 to 300,000 workers, Bloomberg noted, and The Wall Street Journal said that it learned Foxconn been hiring as many as 10,000 new employees per week since the final week in March.

iPhone 5S production is expected to begin this quarter and Apple will likely launch the phone later this summer. However, a recent report suggests that manufacturing issues may cause some delays.