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If you were following Apple’s event closely today, you might have noticed it announced the iPhone 5C will launch on Sept. 20, the same day as the iPhone 5S, but that pre-orders will begin on Sept. 13 for the cheaper device. Oddly, though, Apple didn’t have any news as to whether or not consumers will be able to pre-order the more powerful iPhone 5S.

We know it’s going to launch on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, and that it will be available at least unlocked for T-Mobile, but it sounds like you won’t be able to pre-order it. Get ready, because that means if you want it on September 20, you’ll have to either go to your carrier, a retail partner or an Apple Store, all of which will likely have long lines. You could buy it online, of course, but then you’ll need to wait for it to ship. And who knows how well Apple’s site is going to perform when it’s bombarded with order requests.

Maybe things will change in the coming days, but for now it looks like there just won’t be any option to pre-order the iPhone 5S. Kind of a bummer if you ask us.

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