Apple iPhone 5s-Touch ID-Fingerprint

The iPhone 5 may still be the most popular iPhone in circulation, but the iPhone 5s is already starting to make its mark.

According to Localytics, Apple's latest iPhone flagship now has a 3.8 percent share of all iPhones around the world. That's compared to a 39.8 percent share that the iPhone 5 holds, and the 32.9 percent share owned by the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4 has a 20.2 percent share, while the iPhone 5c is creeping along with a 1.7 percent share – less than half the iPhone 5s share. The figures were calculated after Localytics gathered figures from its software on more than 40 million iPhones.


Meanwhile, the iPhone 5c has found the most success in the United States, according to Localytics' figures, though to be fair the phone only just started making its way to more than 35 new countries. Meanwhile, both phones have the largest penetration among all iPhones in Japan.

We imagine these figures will change drastically as the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c spread their wings around the rest of the world. Apple may give us more insight during its earnings conference call later today.