It’s started already. A small line is forming outside Apple’s flagship New York store on 5th Avenue, though for now it looks like just a few guys with camping chairs who are just as interested in free publicity as the actual iPhone. Jon Murphy and Justin, two employees from Sell Your Mac, arrived in Manhattan with some light camping gear today and quickly got to work promoting their endeavor on Twitter.

Surprisingly, Jon and Justin weren’t the first to line up for the new device. The pair told VentureBeat that when they arrived there were already two other iPhone line veterans ready for the long haul. While each Apple smartphone release still draws long lines, the excitement has tapered off a bit in the past few years as new iPhone fever died down due to increased Android competition combined with slower innovation from Cupertino.

With Apple set to announce the new iPhone 5S as well as a low-cost iPhone 5C at a special event next week, Jon and Justin don’t expect the new devices to actually hit stores until 10 days later. That’s two weeks on the streets of New York. Good luck guys, personally we’ll be ordering our new iPhones online.