Images of what appear to be the speaker enclosures for the iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 have made their way on to the web., which had an excellent run of iPhone 5 leaks before the device was announced, has posted images of what appear to be the speaker enclosures for two new iPhones. The two parts are said to be destined for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 which would fit in with all of the rumors we’ve heard as of late that there would be two new iPhones this year.

There is no way to ascertain that these parts are indeed destined for placement in iPhone models, but both do share some similarities with the part found in the iPhone 5 with some obvious differences. The part said to be for the iPhone 5S is nearly identical, but the one claimed to be the iPhone 6 is smaller which would fit in with changes Apple has made in the past.

While has commonly found its images by scouring sites, it says that it has indeed talked with the person who took these images and that they are employed by a manufacturer that supplies Apple with components. This anonymous source went on to say that we would see one of these phones launched between March and July of this year with the second one being unveiled towards the end of the year.

If the parts for an iPhone 5S, and possibly even an iPhone 6, are already in production, be prepared for a lot more of these image leaks in the coming months.