Multiple videos and endless photos aren’t enough to satiate our iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C appetite. There’s been a steady flow of leaks over the past month and seemingly a new one every day. Today alone we’ve already heard a fourth iPhone 5S color might be introduced, and now we’re getting a look back on what the champagne iPhone 5S will look like next to a highlighter blue iPhone 5C. Surprise, they look completely different.

Via AppAdvice, the video cooly shows off what each supposed device will look like next to the other. The devices themselves are only rear shells, so we still have no real indication how they’ll compare to the real deal. But from the video alone, we’re getting a lengthy look at what the differences of materials can do for an iPhone, and how the upcoming handsets will compare once they’re released.

Aside from materials, the phones very obviously differ in some key areas, including bottom speaker grilles, volume rocker and LED flash. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S is expected to sport an improved camera, along with a dual-LED flash arrangement for more evenly lit photos, and that’s reflected in this rear shell leak. Otherwise, the physical differences are quite obvious—we imagine internals will differ quite a bit as well.

The leaks and rumors have been relentless heading into what looks like a Sept. 10 unveiling. One theme we’re sure will get talked about quite a bit this fall: color, color and more color. Apple has previously skirted by on only a few different options, but it appears the company is ready to get really colorful next month.