We're already pretty sure what Apple's next iPhones (plural) will look like, but it's always exciting to get a glimpse ahead of an official release, like peaking behind a secret curtain. Vietnamese website Tinhte, which acquired dummy iPhone units, is providing us with our most comprehensive look yet at Apple's upcoming mobile devices, including the company's cheaper iPhone 5C. It's one big happy family.

Tinhte claims the units—iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C—were acquired from a Vietnamese accessory maker, which accurately supplied Tinhte with mockups of the iPad mini last year. There's nothing really all that special about either of the dummy units, but the iPhone 5S model does indicate Apple will largely stick to the current iPhone 5 design (the iPhone 5 in the pictures is in that leather case), while the iPhone 5C clearly shows the company will use plastic material. We saw images of an iPhone 5C earlier this week, though it wasn't quite as complete as the pictures today.

Apple is expected to launch both new iPhones this September, or possibly in early October, so we're not all that far from seeing these officially. What the dummy units don't tell us, obviously, are the device's internal specs, and whether the iPhone 5S will come with fingerprint security. Chances are we'll see and hear more information leading up to Apple's upcoming announcement, so stay tuned.