If it's got an Apple logo next to the letter 'A' and the number '5' it must be the chip that powers iPad 2. Unless it's the chip destined to power iPhone 5.

Weibo, a Chinese site that @Grg describes as "(if Twitter and Facebook had a baby that only spoke Chinese, that'd be Weibo)," posted a photo of what they claim to be a tear-down of the next iPhone. Lurking inside of iPhone 5? The iPad 2's A5 processor, a 4.2v, 1430 mAh battery that's just barely bigger and badder than the one in iPhone 4, and what looks like an edge-to-edge LCD backpanel.

Assuming this is the real deal, iPhone 5's innards match up pretty nicely with Rumored iPhone 5's innards. There's that dual-core processor. There's that bigger display affording a smaller, "edgeless" bezel. And there's the bigger battery necessary to power it all.

We all keep hearing October 15, October 15, Viva le 15 Octobre! for iPhone 5's ship date. Which would mean a launch date of a week or two before that. Which, frankly, can't come soon enough. Unless you're a tech website riding the rumor mill to record traffic land. Or one of Samsung's Korea-based lawyers.

Whatcha think? Are these really the next iPhone's innards?

[Via: TechCrunch]