Using an iPhone is a lot like riding a bike. Since the original launched in 2007, the experience has received some notable hardware and software upgrades over the years. The iterative model was first introduced with the iPhone 3GS, and Apple has stuck to it ever since; big upgrade, small tweak, big upgrade small tweak. Now we’re on the iPhone 5s, which, by all accounts, is a blend of both.

When Apple announced the iPhone 5s last week, it became clear this wasn’t just another small update. Yes, Apple introduced faster specs and a better camera, but the sweeping changes to iOS and the new Touch ID system are creating an all new, yet familiar, experience. If ever there was an iterative upgrade to jump into, this would be it. And just look at how spiffy that new Gold color looks.

For the most part, Apple’s new iPhone 5s keeps the iPhone 5’s terrific aluminum design, albeit with that new home button sensor and a new dual-LED flash configuration. The device is still wonderfully thin and very solid, though the 4-inch display—size is always up to personal preference—is getting a little small to our eyes. Though, truth be told, it still looks extremely sharp and pops with color.

We’re still getting familiar with the iPhone 5s’s new Touch ID sensor, but otherwise getting around the device is super easy. Later on today, we’ll have a video demonstrating how to use Apple’s new Touch ID technology, along with an example of the device’s video quality; we’re particularly interested to see how slo-mo capture performs.