More leaked photos of Apple’s rumored gold iPhone 5S hit the Internet this morning courtesy of Chinese site ASCII, comparing the champagne/gold colored handset to the current white and black models of the iPhone 5. Cupertino is expected to confirm the new iPhone variant at a press event rumored for Sept. 10 where the company will unveil two new smartphones: the flagship iPhone 5S and the low-cost 5C.

We’ve already seen an unfinished back casing of the iPhone 5S in gold, but the latest leak suggests Apple is far along in the manufacturing process, showing the back panel complete with Apple’s clearly printed branding. According to some reports, the new iPhone will still feature white accents at the top and bottom, though there’s no way to confirm that based on these latest photos.

Apple’s gold iPhone 5S is all but confirmed at this point, earning nods of approval from TechCrunch, AllThingsD and 9to5Mac, which all have very good batting averages when it comes to the California-based company. We won’t know for sure until Apple makes its official announcement next month though, so stay tuned.