Curious to see what Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S looks like next to its cheaper iPhone 5C? You’re in luck, because Sonny Dickson has posted a nice little gallery of the two together. They look so happy; like father and son, mother and daughter. One is high-end, made of premium aluminum materials, while the other is of lesser plastic quality. Both look great—Apple products always do.

There’s been a huge kerfuffle over Apple’s supposed champagne iPhone 5S, which we’ve seen quite a bit of over the last few days. Apple typically sticks with white and black for its smartphone lineup, but sources claim a third color option is being introduced this fall. Judging by the pictures we’ve seen, and these new ones provided by Dickson, a champagne/white iPhone 5S doesn’t look all that bad; it’s certainly a departure from what we’re used to from Apple, but change is never a bad thing.

We’re quickly approaching Apple’s rumored Sept. 10 announcement, so all will be revealed very soon. With so many different color options and supposed finger print scanning tech, this is shaping up to be a huge event for Apple. Whether the company can really bring the excitement with so many leaks remains to be seen.