Given how frequently iPhone shells have leaked heading into Apple’s supposed Sept. 10 event, you’d think they were readily available at any nearby retail store. They’re not. But they’re out there, being poked and analyzed as the devices get closer to release, and thanks to three new high definition videos, we’re getting an ever deeper look at what Apple users can expect in a few week’s time.

Much of what is shown just further inspects the outward appearance of each iPhone shell. There will be a champagne iPhone 5S, and a graphite one, too. And those iPhone 5C cases? They’ll come in a variety of colors, just as many previous leaks have revealed. Seeing as these are simply rear casings, likely acquired during mid-production, it’s difficult to form a finalized opinion. But all you pretty much need to do is imagine the current iPhone 5—yes, hold it in your hand—in different colors.

Of course, we’re expecting more to be added to the iPhone 5S, such as a fingerprint scanner and dual-LED flash, and maybe even a chip that’s as much as 31 percent faster than the current A6 processor. The iPhone 5C is a little harder to pin down. The device is expected to essentially be a watered down iPhone 5, but still sport that terrific 8-megapixel camera.

We’ll find out in a few weeks. Until then, check out these three videos to see what the new iPhone 5S colors will look like next to the current black and white offerings.