While Apple CEO Tim Cook explicitly stated not to expect any big hardware until this fall, the Cupertino company may already be gearing up for a big iPhone 5S launch. Photos of what appears to be a reworked iPhone 5S frame hint at changes to come, including the potential for a better camera, which rumors suggest will bump up to 12-megapixels.

Acquired by Nowhereelse.fr, who was particularly active last year around the iPhone 5 launch, frames are being produced at Foxconn as we speak in anticipation for a big announcement later this fall; the authenticity of the pictures couldn't be verified. It's difficult to discern much else from the leaked photos, but many parts have been leaking lately, which tells us it's only a matter of time before full-scale production begins.

Notice anything else different? It sure looks like the area where the home button is will remain unchanged, while the device itself will be the same length and width as its predecessor.