Apple’s new iPhone 5S isn’t a sea change in consumer smartphones; we didn’t expect it to be. But, in the Apple universe, it’s still a solid device that offers enough to push the iPhone forward, and makes a big statement with its new Touch ID fingerprint scanner. It has a better camera, faster guts, new colors and technology that seems as though it was ripped directly from a Bond flick. What’s not to like?

By now, anyone who closely follows Apple should be used to the company’s update pattern; big update, small update, and so on. As far as design is concerned, the iPhone 5S isn’t noticeably different, though it does come with that aforementioned fingerprint scanner and a new dual-LED flash for more even-toned pictures. Otherwise, it still sports a 4-inch display and super thin chassis, same as the outgoing iPhone 5; there are new colors, though, such as a snazzy gold and “space gray.”

For a full rundown on Apple’s iPhone 5S, check out Jon’s impressions on the device, and look our for a similar video on the iPhone 5C, Apple’s more budget-conscious handset.

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