There have been a few suggestions that the iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint scanner. A leaked flex cable in Aug. showed a very different home button than the one in the iPhone 5 – though we couldn’t really discern the actual fingerprint reading module. Also, iOS 7 has a few lines of code that suggest a user touching the iPhone with his or her thumb on the home button could activate the sensor under certain circumstances. Now, we have another leak that again points to a fingerprint scanner.

The flex cable above, which actually differs slightly from the few we saw earlier this summer, was spotted by While it is labeled as a part for the iPhone 5S, MobilesPie has also noticed a separate third-party seller advertising the flex cable for the iPhone 5C, which won’t employ a fingerprint scanner. If this is for the 5S, however, there’s some indication that it will be more powerful than the current iPhone 5 cable.

As MacRumors points out, there’s a square shape in the cabling just past the home button, which hasn’t appeared on earlier cables. Maybe that will be used to help process some of the data coming from fingerprints. Also, and this is our own speculation here, it kind of looks like the home button has more of a metal surface with an inner hole. We’re not experts on fingerprint scanning technology, but perhaps that could come in to play – and it certainly looks different than the other cables.

Apple hasn’t officially announced its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C event yet, though it’s largely expected to occur on Sept. 10 and the invites should be going out any day now.