Rumors that the iPad 5 will offer the same Touch ID fingerprint reader introduced with the iPhone 5s continue to gain traction, and yesterday a new YouTube video may have proved the rumors true. A new post from Unbox Therapy demonstrates that the new Touch ID-enabled Home button fits comfortably into into an alleged iPad 5 front panel, while the Home button found on the iPad 4 appears to be too big for the upcoming tablet.

The new video is pretty convincing, and it has us thinking the iPad 5 really will feature Touch ID. It might not offer the same convenience it does on an iPhone, in terms of unlocking the device so frequently, and the real charm will likely be for quick iTunes purchases. Still, Apple claims the iPhone 5s has been a huge success so far, so maybe the company thinks implementing the same technology with its new iPad will yield similar results.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad 5 at a press event this month alongside the refreshed iPad Mini 2. The rumored full-sized tablet has leaked countless times in the past few months, revealing a design similar to the iPad Mini with sharper edges, a thinner side bezel, and re-oriented speaker grills. Of course, we won't know anything for sure until Apple makes an official announcement, but with the holiday season fast approaching it won't be long before the company makes an official announcement.