It looks like the next iPhone 5 will come in a third, champagne color, backing up an earlier leak from this June. A series of components for the upcoming device have again appeared online—including volume, power and vibrate buttons—hinting that the typical black and white options won't be the only choices come Sept. Of course, having not seen an actual device in this new champagne color, it's difficult to say how legitimate this is.

We already know that Apple's upcoming iPhone 5C, the company's cheaper handset, will come in an array of colors. But it was always assumed Apple would stick with its usual black and white hues for its more expensive mobile device (which might be called iPhone 5G). That apparently isn't so; the color is certainly a departure from anything currently in Apple's lineup, though we've seen the company do a lot of uncharacteristic things under Tim Cook.

Is there room for a third color in Apple's premium iPhone lineup? A champagne color might not be so bad, though it's a little early to say based off a few tiny components. We've seen a number of parts—such as the camera, logic board, etc.—leak out over the past few months, suggesting production is ramping up for an early fall release. If that's the case, we'll find out if there's a third color soon enough.