We largely believe that the iPhone 5S will look the same as the iPhone 5. That follows Apple's historical release pattern and it's probably rather expensive to totally retool machines to create a brand new industrial design every year. Still, a new rumor out of China suggests that Apple will decrease the bezel around the screen so that it fits closer to the sides of the phone, similar to what you see on the iPad mini. That suggests a larger display, which we also don't believe will appear in the next-generation iPhone, though the source of the report says the screen size will remain the same. Clearly something has to budge, however: the bezels can't decrease without either a larger screen or a skinnier body.

The story first popped up from Wei Feng Network, which also said that Apple plans to increase the number of pixels in its screen from 730,000 on the Retina display to 1.5 million pixels. That will no doubt increase the pixels-per-inch (ppi) to levels that will make the display more competitive with 1080p screens from Android manufactures such as Samsung, LG and HTC.

Apple's WWDC kicks off in June and we expect that we'll hear more about iOS 7, the software that will power the next iPhone, though we believe that the device won't launch until the early fall.