It’s been less than a month since the first Apple fans got their hands on the iPhone 5s, and now some of the company’s most devoted customers are reporting that the new smartphone is bending backwards, even when no abnormal force is applied to the handset, according to French site NoWhereElse. The iPhone 5 was plagued by same issue following its release last year—though this was overshadowed at the time by other problems like Apple Maps—suggesting that Apple failed to fix the design flaw this time around.

The issue of “flexible” iPhone 5 devices was largely attributed to the smartphone’s aluminum build, compared to the tougher materials used in the iPhone 4 and 4s. Now it looks like those same issues have carried over to the 5s, though it’s unclear where these early reports of bending iPhones are coming from. We have never had a problem, nor have really heard of the issue in the past.

With the iPhone 5, most complaints concerning the device bending backwards originated in China, while American consumers never really experienced the issue. It’s possible that the same thing may happen with the 5s, though for now there’s no way to be sure. NoWhereElse doesn’t mention where its photos come from, and didn’t say whether or not they were taken in China.