iPhone 5S - Generic - 016

In August Japanese news outlet Nikkei said that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will launch in Japan on Sept. 20. A new report published earlier this week suggests that both phones will launch in the United States on the same day. We're expecting the iPhone 5S, at least, to launch on every major carrier at the same time.

The news is courtesy of GottaBeMobile, which says it spoke with two sources to confirm the date. It's not unusual for Apple to launch a product the week after it's announced, and Friday is typically the day when devices end up in stores (pre-orders for the iPhone 4S kicked off on a Thursday, though). The news outlet said that its sources were unable to confirm the name or the capacity of the new iPhones, however, which brings the legitimacy into question.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team will take the stage in just a couple of hours when we'll know for sure. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark our iPhone 5S liveblog.