With next week's iPhone pageant drawing ever closer, China Telecom has seemingly confirmed the existence of Apple's new handsets—as if we needed further proof. As one of Apple's most coveted markets, the fact that marketing is already in place reveals Tim Cook's many trips over to China this year went quite well. There's already a confirmed satellite Apple event planned for Sept. 11, so it appears all the pieces are quickly falling into place.

The advertisement showed up on popular microblogging service Weibo, and was supposedly posted by a verified China Telecom account. That was Thursday afternoon, though it was quickly pulled—but not before The Wall Street Journal snapped a screencap. Seeing as we're mere days from Apple's event, it looks like someone at China Telecom either royally screwed up, or is really smart and just wanted to build hype. Either way, it confirms the names of both handsets—iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C—and that China Telecom will start accepting pre-orders following Apple's Sept. 11 event in China.

According to the WSJ, China will be one of the first markets to receive the new iPhones, which is actually a departure from Apple's previous strategy; China typically gets the iPhone later. But with the country being such a huge target for Apple this year and beyond, especially given how dominant Android is overseas, getting iPhones into consumers hands as fast as possible is obviously a huge priority. There's really not all that much left to learn about the new iPhones; now it's just a matter of time until they're revealed.