Apple iPhone 5s-VS-5c-Back

Boost Mobile announced today that it will sell Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c starting on Nov. 8. The Sprint-supported network will be one of the last in the U.S. to offer the new handsets.

We still don't know how much Boost Mobile will charge for the new iPhones, though the company's pre-paid monthly unlimited plans mean the devices won't be subsidized. Based on T-Mobile's pricing, we can predict the iPhone 5s will start at around $649 while the iPhone 5c could start at $549. Leaked press images suggest Boost Mobile will offer all color options for both handsets, despite reported shortages of the gold-colored flagship smartphone.

While the iPhone 5s has been a huge success for Apple—with most models quickly selling out—the plastic iPhone 5c has allegedly seen disappointing sales despite its lower price point. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal claimed Apple had cut manufacturing orders on the 5c for several of its biggest Chinese manufacturing partners while at the same time increasing production on the iPhone 5c.