We’ve been working under the assumption that Apple’s new flagship smartphone will be called the iPhone 5S—following the trend set by the 4S. The truth, however, is that while the next iPhone almost certainly won’t be the 6, Apple could affix pretty much any letter onto the current 5. The new device is rumored to feature a fingerprint sensor, so why not the iPhone 5F? Or, if the latest leak is to be believed, the iPhone 5G.

For the first time, we have an iPhone leak that may reveal what the device will be called. A series of photos published by USwitch depicting the smartphone’s front panel and display include a box that lists the contents as belonging to the “5G.” Normally we’d discount this rumor entirely, but it comes from Sonny Dickson, who’s been building a solid reputation for leaking Apple parts recently.

We still don’t know much about the Apple’s rumored new flagship smartphone. Whether the device is called the iPhone 5S, 5G or something else entirely, we’re expecting the device to look exactly the same on the outside and introduce a few internal changes including a new processor, new camera and maybe even a sharper display. Apple is expected to officially announce the next-generation smartphone this September, so hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for some concrete news.